Product, Design, Arnhem.

Design Residency, Frank Verkade, 2016.

The Product Design department was the first within ArtEZ to host a Design Residency Program, and granted a residency period (September - December 2016) to designer Frank Verkade. Through this residency, design professionals work within the department for a specific period of time to build bridges between practice and education. Practitioners are provided with an opportunity to develop new work and participate in or organise talks, teaching, events and/or exhibitions.


During his residency, Frank Verkade explored the intimate relationship between design and the human form. His wearable objects are directly shaped onto the body, which functions as the scene of display as well as the origin of their form. His work reflects upon anatomy, connecting the human, animal and plantae kingdoms. In addition to his self-initiated works, Frank has gained experience through working with artists and designers such as Ted Noten and Bart Hess, and with cultural institutions like the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and the Saint-Étienne Design Biennale.