Product, Design, Arnhem.

Exhibition, State of Fashion, 2018.

Museum Arnhem and Product Design Arnhem are collaborating for State of Fashion 2018 / searching for the new luxury, a 7 week exhibition from Friday 1 June to Sunday 22 July in Arnhem. Together we have formed project Out of the Shadows, where four different design responses will be developed by our 1st and 2nd year students; Merel Dassen, Kas Hermkens, Jueun Seo and Lara Klingenberg. To start off the project we have visited with Museum Arnhem curator Anne-Karlijn van Kesteren, the depot of Museum Arnhem to search into the context and history of the collection of the different jewerly archives. To be continued.



Exhibition, Forms&Fictions, 2017.

A group of students have been selected to present their work ‘Forms & Fictions’ – in gallery Marzee in Nijmegen from 15 January until 22 March 2017. The work was presented in a group exhibition with int. participants from AdBK Nürnberg (DE). The work was developed in the first semester course Accessories + Context. Through dissecting and assimilating existing products, students developed their own view on jewellery and glasses.


The course is supervised by Renate Volleberg