Product, Design, Arnhem.

Fieldworks, Mallorca, 2018.

In Februari 2018 we organised Fieldworks Camper, a specialisation workshop in which students worked in the Camper studio at Son Fortesa in Mallorca. The workshop included presentations on Camper history, material, engineering and innovation, team guidance by Camper and ArtEZ, material and technical support and surrounded with the typical Mallorcan landscape. Participating students: Elza Berzina, Jesper Spekenbrink, Iris Megens, Michelle Pontsteen and alumni 2018 Eva Bloemsma and Reijnald Kolthof. Supervised by Judith van den Boom, Renate Volleberg, Adriana Roderiques and Job Willemsen.

Fieldworks, Sweden, 2017.

In October 2017 students and alumni from Artez and Khio Oslo were part of Masterglass: Poetic Domain. A cultural residence program in which students during the 6 days where guided through all stages of working with glass with the hotshop masters and glass artists at the Glass Factory in Boda Glasbruk Sweden. The students were part of a program that included, field trips, lectures and dialogues about the history and techniques of glass blowing surrounded by the typical forests of Småland which house many traditions and folklore, i.e. myths and legends. 

Participating students: Erik Lijzenga, Robert Marse, Hanna Kooistra, Jippe Liefbroer, Thomas van den Bliek, Bart van Dommelen, Thijs Swinkels, Mireille Steinhagen, Floor Nijdeken (alumnus PD 2013)

Initiated by Mark Sturkenboom and Cathelijne Engelkes. 

Fieldworks, China, 2017.

In April 2017 we organised Fieldworks DustHack, a two week hands-on workshop in Jingdezhen, China. Dusthack was focussing on re-thinking, re-doing and re-searching into the past present and future of porcelain clay through rethinking the context, craft and local skills. Together with 10 students we worked in the studio, visited industry and craftsmanship to develop new insights. The workperiod Dusthack brings together cleverness, boldness and new approaches where participant are being exposed to a variety of skills and cultural context of clay. 

Students: Daniel Ge van der Hoek, Gijs Wouters, Lotte van der Westen, Stefan Theunissen, Nelis Claassen, Eva Sleger, Dirk Vaessen, Yvonne Smeets, Marieke Heesbeen. 

Supervised by Judith van den Boom

Fieldworks, Manchester, 2016.

The Fieldworks program allows students from years 1-2-3-4 to work with international partners. The aim is for students to collaborate, share, and obtain skills and knowledge, while exploring networks and working methods outside of the department.


Fieldworks Manchester was a two-day workshop during the Design Manchester week (UK). Students from Product Design ArtEz, BA(Hons), Three Dimensional Design and the MA in Landscape Architecture explored notions of the future city. Students researched, tested and designed instruments to interpret and propose scenarios in response to Pomona Island, a currently vacant area within the city of Manchester. The workshop took place at InSitu Architectural Salvage in Hulme, Jo Hartley studio and the Manchester Metropolitan University. Students gave informal presentations of their first day’s progress in a Show and Tell session at the Pilcrow Pub, linking with participants of the New Generation: Design for Living Symposium.