Product, Design, Arnhem.

Hybrids, Manufacture of Desire, 2016.

In this project, students examined the role of design and the power of images in shaping our desires, and mapped and visualised the various ways in which we are seduced to use or consume objects and things. The purpose of this project is to introduce students to formats such as installations, and alternative forms of exhibition design. The results were presented at Showroom in Arnhem. During this event, Yuri Veerman gave a lecture on the role of language, signs and symbols in our contemporary Culture. The project was guided by Marcel van Kan, and Jules Langenberg and Rana Ghavami were invited for the mid-term evaluation. 

Hybrids, State of (In)dependence, 2015.

This project offers students the possibility to collaborate on an exhibition. State of (in)dependence shows in different ways how students strive for independence within today's society, but at the same time face the friction or dependence upon existing systems. The students aim for a future in which the personal possession of products becomes subservient to collective experience. As sociologist Colin Campbell states, “It is not the direct use of the consumer goods, but the desire for that product and the fantasy of what it will bring us that gives satisfaction.” State of In(Dependence) consists of three subprojects: Consumerism, Border Exchange Office and Trasher Island.