Product, Design, Arnhem.

Studio Experience, Clarks, 2017.

A key signature of the department is that we collaborate and innovate through a strong bond between education and practice. By working with our industry partners students discover new territories. In September 2017 Thomas van den Bliek, Hanneke Klaver and Judith Muijs ( graduate students) returned from a week at the Clarks headquarters in Somerset (UK).


They had been selected from a collaborative footwear project and were invited to explore the company, work on prototypes and present the project that Clarks and Product Design have build up. We emphasise the importance of industry visits as a valuable way for students to gain knowledge and skills providing hands-on experience as well as practice-based learning.


Supervised by Marijke Bruggink

Studio Experience, Internship, 2017.

Students complete an internship in the third year at a studio in the Netherlands or abroad. The goal of the internship is to stretch their understanding of the design field and to acquire new insights, methods and approaches in the professional field. In 2017 students choose a broad range of studio’s such as: studio Glithero, Pieke Bergmans, Jan Taminiau, Mara Skujeniece, Ted Noten, Bart Hess, Erik Klarenbeek and others.