Product, Design, Arnhem.

Workshop, Summer session, 2017.

At the opening of the new study year we hosted the summer workshop in which ninety students were spread across four workgroups. The overal theme ‘Hinterland’ transferred various design interventions each reacting in its own specific way. Hinterland is a German word referring to remoteness within geography. Within our design work field it is essential to step into a sense of remoteness in order to re-think and re-do. Through elements such as inhabitable, unwearable, unthinkable and undesignated, students were disconnected from the existing and turned into explorers. We invited an experimental and professional team to facilitate a week of hands-on exploration. 


The workshops were led by Denise J. Reytan (DE), Frank Kolkman (NL), Emily Luce (CAN) and Cathelijne Engelkes (NL)

Workshop, Summer session, 2016.

The Product Design department began the new study year with the Summer+Winter sessions. At the start of each semester of years 1,2,3 and 4, the students work together for one week within different workshop themes. This not only makes a great introduction for our 1st-year students, but also develops a strong sense of synergy, collaboration and exchange of skills across the different study years. The department asked a group of diverse practitioners to develop workshops that explored the wide-ranging field of design. One week of hard work was concluded with a performance and an exhibition, organized by the students.


The summer workshops were facilitated by Yuri Veerman, Ed van Hinte, Bernadette Deddens (UK) and Katja Gruijters.