Product, Design, Arnhem.

Workshop, Glass, 2013.

At the start of the academic year, Product Design students worked and visited Royal Glass Museum Leerdam with glass artists Arnout Visser and Ed van Dijk. Glass is a very specific medium that can be applied in various ways. Together they built an outdoor ‘Roman times’ glass kiln in the garden of the MMKA museum in Arnhem. Burning wood and glass, students explored Roman craft techniques for glass moulding. 

Finals, 2013.

The annual Finals show offer visitors a unique opportunity to experience the very best of emerging contemporary art and design practice from all including Product Design, Interaction Design, Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Fine Arts, Creative Writing and Fine Art and Design in Education (DBKV). The students exhibit work of exceptional quality, imagination and skill. Each year, Product Design Arnhem invites a curator and a external examiner to work with the graduate students on the design of the exhibition, catalogue and programs. During the Finals the audience has the opportunity to see where a new generation in all its diversity and exploration, is headed. External examiners Floris Schoonderbeek + Suzanne Poort.


Craft the Leather, 2013.

Tuscan VEG TAN Leather have organised several editions of an international workshop dedicated to exploration and experimentation. International academies from the UK, the US, Korea, France, Japan and the Netherlands joined in this collaboration. Craft The Leather is an invitation-only training workshop with a group of talented young designers from the most prestigious and innovative international design institutes. Students, designers and makers come together in the Tuscan Leather District to learn about local working methods, the material properties of Vegetable-tanned leather (veg-tan or oak-tanned) and try new things with this material. The students continue their projects back at the department. In the past four years, the following students have been selected for this workshop: Renee Verhoeven, Mark Sturkenboom, Anne Vaandrager, Tessa Groenewoud and Mahsa Kordbacheh

Collectie Arnhem, 2013.

The focus of Collection Arnhem Product was to develop a collection of products in a group. Students learned to undertake the whole process of a product, from concept to prototyping, marketing and the final presentation. Because the collection Up, Over, In, Out. was based on the concept of open source and community-based design, the students invited the audience to take part in the realisation of the collection. A public presentation was realised under the supervision of tutor Martijn Wildekamp and Arnhem Coming Soon.