Product, Design, Arnhem.

Vlisco UnderCover, 2018.

Undercover Vlisco was a collaboration with year 2 students during the first semester. Students visited the production facilities and designlab from Vlisco in Helmond, and worked during the project on re-thinking Vlisco by looking at misprints from the fabric production. The design assignment was focussed on the topic “COVER” in the broadest sense. For this it students had to first investigate all possibilities within this subject and question is what is a cover, but especially also do you understand the idea. Students worked associative through prototyping and research to develop inventive applications and shape.


Supervised by Klaartje Martens

Thanks to the Vlisco team


Future Artefacts, 2018.

Future Artefacts is a year 2 project that explores future practices through experiment with material and media. Students learn to critically reflect on their personal ambitions, and question their motives through dialogue, critique and physical modelling. The proces learns that to be able to design, they need to step away from the current knowledge, to be able to imagine new contexts. Artefacts is using different methods to locate students phenomenons and use these as a tool to explore possible futures. 


Supervised by Cathelijne Engelkes and Judith van den Boom

Black Box, 2018.

Black Box is a collaborative project by year 4, who develop a manifest, material and format that results into an exhibition during the first semester. In engineering a black box is a device, system or object which can be viewed in terms of its inputs and outputs, without any knowledge of its internal process. Within design the Black Box represents a practice of process. Input through making, thinking, exploring, not knowing, defining and questioning - linked to (sometimes) unexplainable and complex unclear processes towards output that is readable, visible, understandable. The students developed Two State of Being, showcasing the friction within the role and proces of design.


The course was supervised by Marcel van Kan and Judith van den Boom. Photo's by Benno Brucksch


Open Days, 2018.

In November, the department was open to the public. Open Days, during which applicants can visit the department and meet staff and students, are held each year. The department showcases work, films and installations from all years in the study program. Those interested in studying at ArtEZ can talk to students and lecturers, and savour the atmosphere at the school. If you are considering applying for the program, please contact the department to stay informed of the orientation program, which includes orientation days with workshops, lectures and portfolio reviews.

Dutch Design Week, 2018.

ArtEZ Product Design & Interaction Design are presenting at the Dutch Design Week 2018. The Arnhem departments are known for the broad spectrum of design and a high quality of design and prototyping. 


Selected graduation works: Alex Munsters, Bente Brunia, Evita Bouwmeester, Hanneke Klaver, Jelle Reith, Maxim Robbe, Oscar van Leest.


Visit the exhibition from 20 ™ 28 October at de Dutch Design Week

Location: TAC, Vonderweg 1, 5611 BK Eindhoven


Exhibition Design by Studio MetMet


Workshop, Summer session, 2018.

At the opening of the new study year we hosted the summer workshop in which ninety students were spread across four workgroups. We invited an experimental and professional team to facilitate a week of hands-on exploration. 

The workshops were led by; 1 FOOD FRICTION by Katja Gruijters 2 FUTURE PERIPHERIES,and your city rights by Thor ter Kulve 3 BODY & OBJECT, the body as a complex object by Jihyun Youn 4 CRASH TEST, practicing emotional design fashion by Muslin Brothers.

Design Residency, Muslin Brothers, 2018.

The Product Design Residency invited studio MUSLIN BROTHERS, established in 2011 and based in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, the collective led by Tamar Levit and Yaen Levi, produces commercial collections alongside spacial work, installations and performances investigation clothes as a ethnographic byproduct of our contemporary life. For Muslin Brothers fashion plays a significant part in the cultural production, emotional communication, and urban space comprehension. Poetic and casual characters are infused with humor, playfulness and cultural criticism as their silhouettes are structured to blur gender and heritage identity. 


FB Muslin Brothers 

Finals, 2018.

The annual Finals show offer visitors a unique opportunity to experience the very best of emerging contemporary art and design practice. Each year, Product Design Arnhem invites a curator and two external examiners to work with the graduate students. During the Finals the audience has the opportunity to see where a new generation in all its diversity and exploration, is headed.

External examiners: Giene Steenman, head textiles Rietveld (NL) and Christoph Brach, studio Raw Color (NL).


Finals 2018 

4-8 July

Weekdays 10.00 - 20.30  

Weekend 11.00 - 17.00

Onderlangs 9, 6811LK, Arnhem

Presentation, Salon Product Design, 2018.

During the graduation week Finals 2018 the department organised the Salon Product Design for an invited group from (int)national industry, education and design practice. The first gathering took place in 2016 to speak on the urgency, context and relevance within our changing work field. Speakers at Salon18 connected their talks by speaking on the search for alternative and future ecologies. Speakers: Judith vd Boom on UFO Unidentified Facility, Julia Cassim on Kyoto Design Lab, Lisa Mandemaker on State of Unsettlement, Jorn Konijn on ArtEZ Future Makers and Carolyn F. Strauss on Slow Research Lab.

Footwear, ECCO Leather, 2018.

This semester we have collaborated with ECCO Leather (NL) and two students, Ruben Hoogvliet and Kas Hermkens, have been selected to join the ECCO Leather workshop. Students have worked to develop innovative leather solutions, exploring new perspectives on material and application, resulting in a collection of designed material and footwear.

Earlier this year the students visited the ECCO Leather company in Dongen exploring the raw processes of the material. We emphasise the importance of industry visits as a valuable way for students to gain knowledge and skills providing hands-on experience as well as practice-based learning.

Supervised by Renate Volleberg

Special thanks ECCO Leather

Design Residency, Inderjeet Sandhu, 2018.

Inderjeet Sandhu arrived today at Product Design for his DIR (Design in Residency). Inderjeet is a British/Dutch artist who was born in the UK and raised in the Netherlands in a traditional indian household. He studied his Master at the Royal College of Art in London graduating from the ‘Jewellery and Metal’ department. His main source of inspiration comes from highly personal themes that centre around domesticity, origins, ambiguity, disfunction and crossovers in culture. This body of work explores how common middle ground elements in architecture like windows and doors relate to the concept of borders and migration. Windows and doors mediate between the interior and exterior with just a small barrier as the separator. Their main goal is to control physical access.


Studio Experience, Screenprint, 2018.

Our first year students learn about techniques through workshop courses, like 3D printing, different machinery, media work and many others subjects. This semester year 1 followed a short workshop on screenprinting, working together as a team exploring digital print, variation of ink, screenprint and photography of the final work. We encourage our students to use the workshop and labs, in order to discover new approaches to materials, craft and technology. Supervised by Magda Saarloos and Sander Luske

Exhibition, State of Fashion, 2018.

Museum Arnhem and Product Design Arnhem have  joint forces for State of Fashion 2018 / searching for the new luxury, a 7 week exhibition from Friday 1 June to Sunday 22 July in Arnhem. Together we have formed project Out of the Shadows, where four different design responses will be developed by our 1st and 2nd year students; Merel Dassen, Momentum, Kas Hermkens, The Digital Biotope, Lara Klingenberg, Inbetween Thread and Maker, Jueun Seo, Passing. To start off the project students visited the depot of Museum Arnhem to search into the context and history of the collection of the different jewerly archives. Supervision Cathelijne Engelkes, Judith van den Boom and Museum Arnhem curator Anne-Karlijn van Kesteren.



Study trip, Berlin, 2018.

The annual study trip for 1st- and 2nd-year students took place in Berlin. By immersing themselves in the context of design studios, students enter into lively discussions with practitioners. This year’s program, themed UnBegrenzt, explored different attitudes in the domain of analogue, technological and traditional methods. The program included meetings with studio BLESS, interactive studio Christian Mio, studio Mark Braun, studio Alex Valder, evening presentation sessions with UdK design departments with Ineke Hans and ArtEZ Product Design, Tom Claessen moderating a talk about retail with Ania Bauer from design store Baerck, studio David Geckeler + Frank Michels, visiting Hamburger Bahnhof, Musea Panoptikum and much more.

Fieldworks, Mallorca, 2018.

In Februari 2018 we organised Fieldworks Camper, a specialisation workshop in which students worked in the Camper studio at Son Fortesa in Mallorca. The workshop included presentations on Camper history, material, engineering and innovation, team guidance by Camper and ArtEZ, material and technical support and surrounded with the typical Mallorcan landscape. Participating students: Elza Berzina, Jesper Spekenbrink, Iris Megens, Michelle Pontsteen and alumni 2018 Eva Bloemsma and Reijnald Kolthof. Supervised by Judith van den Boom, Renate Volleberg, Adriana Roderiques and Job Willemsen.

Workshop, Winter session, 2018.

At the opening of each semesters we host the Summer/ Winter sessions in which ninety students are spread across four workgroups. The workshop goal is to inject material and contextual experiments, collaborative working and exploring new territories in mixed student groups from year 1234. This years Winter theme was IMMERSION; being within the action of being fully submerged within a setting, specific experience, material or state of being. What methods, forms and explorations are needed to take something or someone towards a new state of mind?

We invited an experimental and professional team to facilitate a week of hands-on exploration. 

The workshops were supervised by: 

Dark Ride by Daniel de Bruin

Colour Matters by Laura Lynn Janssen

The Blue Team by Giene Steenman & Klaartje Martens

Wet Works by Sander Luske