Product, Design, Arnhem.

Exhibition, State of Fashion, 2018.

Museum Arnhem and Product Design Arnhem are collaborating for State of Fashion 2018 / searching for the new luxury, a 7 week exhibition from Friday 1 June to Sunday 22 July in Arnhem. Together we have formed project Out of the Shadows, where four different design responses will be developed by our 1st and 2nd year students; Merel Dassen, Kas Hermkens, Jueun Seo and Lara Klingenberg. To start off the project we have visited with Museum Arnhem curator Anne-Karlijn van Kesteren, the depot of Museum Arnhem to search into the context and history of the collection of the different jewerly archives. To be continued.



Study trip, Berlin, 2018.

The annual study trip for 1st- and 2nd-year students took place in Berlin. By immersing themselves in the context of design studios, students enter into lively discussions with practitioners. This year’s program, themed UnBegrenzt, explored different attitudes in the domain of analogue, technological and traditional methods. The program included meetings with studio BLESS, interactive studio Christian Mio, studio Mark Braun, studio Alex Valder, evening presentation sessions with UdK design departments with Ineke Hans and ArtEZ Product Design, Tom Claessen moderating a talk about retail with Ania Bauer from design store Baerck, studio David Geckeler + Frank Michels, visiting Hamburger Bahnhof, Musea Panoptikum and much more.

Fieldworks, Mallorca, 2018.

In Februari 2018 we organised Fieldworks Camper, a specialisation workshop in which students worked in the Camper studio at Son Fortesa in Mallorca. The workshop included presentations on Camper history, material, engineering and innovation, team guidance by Camper and ArtEZ, material and technical support and surrounded with the typical Mallorcan landscape. Participating students: Elza Berzina, Jesper Spekenbrink, Iris Megens, Michelle Pontsteen and alumni 2018 Eva Bloemsma and Reijnald Kolthof. Supervised by Judith van den Boom, Renate Volleberg, Adriana Roderiques and Job Willemsen.

Workshop, Winter session, 2018.

At the opening of each semesters we host the Summer/ Winter sessions in which ninety students are spread across four workgroups. The workshop goal is to inject material and contextual experiments, collaborative working and exploring new territories in mixed student groups from year 1234. This years Winter theme was IMMERSION; being within the action of being fully submerged within a setting, specific experience, material or state of being. What methods, forms and explorations are needed to take something or someone towards a new state of mind?

We invited an experimental and professional team to facilitate a week of hands-on exploration. 

The workshops were supervised by: 

Dark Ride by Daniel de Bruin

Colour Matters by Laura Lynn Janssen

The Blue Team by Giene Steenman & Klaartje Martens

Wet Works by Sander Luske