Product, Design, Arnhem.

Transition, AloneTogether, 2019.

In December was the 4th annual Transition exhibition ALONE TOGETHER. Year 3 students Interaction & Product Design worked on highlighting design explorations into the field of loneliness. Projects varied from, learning how pizza delivery could battle social isolation, experience how training a personal AI could free you from FOMO (Fear-Of-Missing-Out) or see how stealing back time in a bullshit job could create a sense of community. Part of this project included microchallenges, research+prototyping and a studytrip to Kyoto. Supervision by Frank Kolkman, Images Juuke Schoorl


Design Residency, Alessa Joosten, 2019.

This season Alessa Joosten (GER) was part of our Design in Residence from September to December. Alessa Joosten is a designer for jewellery and wearble objects. She recently graduated from Hochschule Düsseldorf in the Department of Applied Art and Design with her master project Transitions. During her residency Alessa worked on body related objects by which she extends the boundaries of jewellery and questions the function of it. Exploring the relationship and interaction between body and object in a conceptual manner. Alessa also gave one of the summerworkshops.

Study trip, Kyoto Design Lab, 2019.

In year 3 students from Product & Interaction work together in a collaborative class Transition. Part of this group worked one week on microchallenges at Kyoto Design lab in Japan. This workshop our students collaborated with KIT students, culture and industry. Joining the trip are Loes Kolenberg, Rosalie Apituley, Katrijn Westland, Berend Jan te Linde, Erik de Geus, Robert Marse, Finn Bekkering, Jippe Liefbroer and alumni Thomas van den Bliek and Mireille Steinhage. Supervision Frank Kolkman, Images Robert Marse 


Open Days, 2019.

In November, the department was open to the public. Open Days, during which applicants can visit the department and meet staff and students, are held each year. The department showcases work, films and installations from all years in the study program. Those interested in studying at ArtEZ can talk to students and lecturers, and savour the atmosphere at the school. If you are considering applying for the program, please contact the department to stay informed of the orientation program, which includes orientation days with workshops, lectures and portfolio reviews.

Workshop, Summer session, 2019.

This september a great workshop (ANY)BODY opened the study year 2019-2020. Guests were invited, sharing different expertise with our students and guiding them into their work. Students of year 1234 are mixed and work together creating community by designing together. Workshop hosts; Jihyun Youn, Alessa Joosten, Marcel van Kan and Maarten Strang.


Presentation, External Committee, 2019.

This July the graduation students presented their developed work to the external committee, Kieren Jones (UK) and Eelko Moorer (UK). The committee assessed the developed research and produced collections. At the end of the day the committee congratulated Tosca Schift and Thomas van den Bliek with a Certificate of Excellence. Well done to the class of 2019!

Finals, 2019.

The annual Finals show offer visitors a unique opportunity to experience the very best of emerging contemporary art and design practice. 

Each year, Product Design Arnhem invites a curator and two external examiners to work with the graduate students. During the Finals the audience has the opportunity to see where a new generation in all its diversity and exploration, is headed.


External examiners: Eelko Moorer, head MA Footwear LCF and Kieren Jones, head MA Material Futures CSM (UK) Photo's by Sander Luske and Alumni 2019

Presentation, Salon Product Design, 2019.

During the graduation week Finals 2019 the department organised the Salon Product Design for an invited group from (int)national industry, education and design practice. The first gathering took place in 2016 to speak on the urgency, context and relevance within our changing work field. Speakers Salon19; Eelko Moorer, Henny van Nistelrooy, Ineke Hans, Geoffrey Mann and Tjeerd Veenhoven. Photography by Rachelle Stoffels

Footwear, ECCO, 2019.

This semester students year 2 collaborated with ECCO Leather (NL). Three students Gabriel, Jueun and Daniel, have been selected to join the ECCO Leather workshop. Students worked to develop innovative solutions, exploring new perspectives on material and application, resulting in a collection of designed material and footwear. Earlier this year the students visited the ECCO Leather company in Dongen exploring the raw processes of the material. We emphasise the importance of industry visits as a valuable way for students to gain knowledge and skills providing hands-on experience as well as practice-based learning.

Supervised by Renate Volleberg

Special thanks ECCO Leather

Exhibition, Marres, Beyond Taste, 2019.

Our 2nd year students developed for their project fooddesign the event Beyond Taste, a multi sensory design experience at Marres in Maastricht. On Wednesday 29 May they opened the event for public, exploring new sensory experiments with the public. Supervised by Katja Gruijters. Photography by Rob van Hoorn

Studio Experience, Textileprint, 2019.

Our first year students take part in a 4 day course in the screenprint workshop on using different technical print applications. The students work together in design teams, all contributing to the layers and finish with a photoshoot to contextualise their work. Project supervision by Magda Saarloos, Photography by Louise te Poele.

Transition, (No)Reception, 2019.

Through the Transition program with 3rd year students, the departments Product Design and Interaction Design formed an alliance in order to map and investigate tomorrow’s work field. The students have collaboratively explored the realm of invisible signals under the theme of (no)Reception. The projects on display deal with topics such as superstition in tech, new ways of storing data, analogue signals, personal marketing and more. The project was concluded with an exhibition and night of transmission for the public. Supervision by Frank Kolkman

Design Residency, Mika Tsutai, 2019.

We welcome our new DIR Guest, Mika Tsutai from Kyoto. The Product Design department invited Mika for spring 2019. Product Design ArtEZ and Kyoto Institute of Technology are buidling up a collaborative exchange and research and Mika Tsutai is the first guest to explore this collaboration. Mika Tsutai is a designer, lecturer and PhD student in the Design Department of Kyoto Institute of Technology (KIT). Mika has developed a range of different products using paper pulp based material in different iterations. The DIR residency would be to firstly explore new design iterations for this new brush-on material in a different cultural context and to work with students at ArtEZ in the use of both types.

Exhibition, Marzee, 2019.

A group of 27 students have been selected to present their work in gallery Marzee in Nijmegen from 20 January to 27 March 2019. The work was presented in a group exhibition with int. participants from AdBK Nürnberg (DE). The work was developed in the first semester course Accessories + Context. Through dissecting and assimilating existing products, students developed their own view on jewellery and glasses.

The course is supervised by Renate Volleberg



Workshop, Glass, Boda, 2019.

At the start of the year our students joined a workshop at The Glass Factory, Boda Glasbruk in Sweden, located in the heart of the 'Kingdom of Crystal' Småland. The workshop ‘Glass(s)elf’, was an explorational week program with students and professionals from different design schools in the Netherlands. The focus during this week was to experiment with glass in collaboration with the hot and cold workshop masters and assistants. They have been exploring the magic and history of glass through making, lectures, dialogues and field trips in the dreamy winter landscapes of Småland. Hosted by Marcel van Kan and Cathelijne Engelkes from Oasis & Lagoon.

Presentation, Graduation, 2019.

This Januari we had the graduation of Judith Muijs, Thomas van den Bliek, Tosca Schift, Jasmijn van der Weijden and Bart van Dommelen. These new alumni will take part of the exhibition during the Finals 2019, so do mark your agenda 3-7 July !

Workshop, Winter session, 2019.

At the opening of each semesters we host the Summer/ Winter sessions in which ninety students are spread across four workgroups. The workshop goal is to inject material and contextual experiments, collaborative working and exploring new territories in mixed student groups from all years. 

For this year theme ‘Anomalies’, we invited an experimental and professional team to facilitate a week of hands-on exploration. The workshops were supervised by: Erik Stehmann, Fabrizio Cocchiarella & Ken Drinkwater (UK), Anne Vaandrager, Tuffy Tuffington (USA), Joris Suk & Lillian Sanderson.



Workshop, Footwear Design, 2019.

In a two-week workshop, students are introduced to the practice of shoemaking and the entire process involved: responding to a brief and particular demands, various techniques and skills, use of (alternative) materials, and finally, the production and design of footwear. This workshop has a great appeal to the students, who enjoy exploring the working environment of designing footwear. This year, students worked on the theme of Uniformity what was formed around the color green. Supervision by Lillian Sanderson and Joris Suk.