Product, Design, Arnhem.

Finals, 2020.

We are proud to showcase our Product Design graduates this 2020. The Finals 2020 delivers a generation dealing with the reality of ever-changing challenges that the world presents. We are proud to see them stand up, being agile and continuous curious in their development of design. Congratulations!

Design Residency, Denny R Priyatna, 2020.

This March we welcomed our new resident Denny R Priyatna from Indonesia, to work on craft and workshop experiments. Denny experiments with materials and manufacturing techniques to create commercial, conceptual, and experimental products. Denny graduated from Bandung Institute of Technology and then studied a Masters at Central Saint Martins in London. His own works have won some competitions, been exhibited internationally, and been featured in well known magazines such as Wallpaper* UK and Surface Asia. 


Internships, Third Year, 2020.

In the third year our students take a four month internship period. By working at a company, designstudio, collective or take an exchange with a design program abroad students build up valuable experience and network. Also this year our students worked at exciting design studios in NL and abroad.

Design Project, Raw Color, 2020.

Students year 3 worked together with studio Raw Color on the theme Profiles. Through modelling and material experimentation design and concept was develloped. The final work was brought in context and application. Supervision: Daniera ter Haar & Christoph Brach

Design Residency, Aliki van der Kruijs, 2020.

In Januari our new resident Aliki van der Kruijs started in our department. Aliki van der Kruijs is a designer / researcher in the field of textiles. With her work she questions and imagines the relationship between people, nature, color and space. Her work is process based and fundaments on contextual research. Crafts are combined with her deep interest in Earth science. This navigation brings her to consult or collaborate with scientists in the domains like meteorology, pedology (soil science) and oceanography.